Few days are as thrilling and nerve-wracking for automotive enthusiasts like us as car delivery day. 

 There aren't many sensations in this world that can equal for those of us who have been fortunate 

enough to have had an automobile delivered to our front door. 

However, the delivery of a stunning 1960 Chevrolet Corvette to one unhappy new owner went horribly wrong.

Literally. The vintage Chevy arrived in an unsightly manner, stepping from the carrier and onto the ground. 

We ourselves said that the 1950s Chevy Corvette C1 was a good addition to your garage last year

 It was a Corvette that Chevy rushed into production, and yet it is one of the most iconic

 First introduced in 1953, only 300 of the first C1 Corvette were made.

The reception was a huge success, and Chevrolet, along with the GM parent company

From 1955 onwards, the C1 was built with a V8 engine, a small block at first, which grew up to 5.4 L

 Producing a maximum of 360 HP and a 0-60 MPH time of just 6 seconds in the late 50s was nothing 

 Speed wasn't what the Corvette was about, though; it was the sheer beauty